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A gel with strong regenerating and reconstructing abilities - to repair skin damage and perform amazingly effective anti ageing treatments

A gel brimming with powerful repairing, regenerating and skin cell reconstructing active ingredients. Their high concentration enables the intensification of synthesis, supporting both tissue fibres (collagen IV and VII) and filling fibres (collagen I and III).  Active ingredients effectively promote hydration, nutrition and skin resilience as well as reduction of any kind skin damage and irritations caused by burns (also after excessive sun exposure), cuts, scratches, abrasions, uncontrolled sebum secretion or stretch marks. Thanks to its strong regenerative abilities, this potent dermo-cosmetic also helps to strengthen skin structure, smooth wrinkles and redefine facial contours leaving the skin even, silky, sculpted and lifted. It is recommended for men and women with sensitive skin to calm irritations and to perform an amazingly effective anti ageing treatments (for example:  as an excellent lifting and anti-wrinkle mask for the face, a tightening and repairing mask for the neck and décolleté, hands or bust). It is also recommended for skin problems such as acne, blemishes or oily skin.

  • Accelerates skin repairing and regenerating processes 
  • Reduces the appearance of any kind of skin damage (burns, cuts, scratches, abrasions, acne imperfections, stretch marks, wounds)
  • Promotes hydration, nutrition and skin resilience
  • Helps to strengthen skin structure, firm, smooth wrinkles and redefine facial contours
  • Visibly reduces skin irritations  (also caused by excessive sun exposure)

Data sheet

Woman, Man
Skin type
Young, Normal, Dry, Dry & sensitive, Oily, Breakout, Mature, Combination
Skin concern and needs
Intense anti-ageing, Dull & tired skin, Lack of firmness, Soothing & regeneration, Acne & breakouts

Apply every morning and evening on a cleansed and toned skin to the entire face, neck and décolleté - just a small amount is needed. Than apply a suitable AZ cream mixed with Active Vitamin C-25% In Powder. You can use Intensive Cell Regenerator as a base under the cream or as a mask. In the second case use a thicker layer of the gel, perform a gentle massage and leave the mask for 15 min. Remove an excess with moist cotton pads and follow with your cream as above. It is recommended to use the gel in a form of mask also on the tops of hands and bust.
For optimal result: perform an Algae Face Peeling prior to the mask. 
In case of burns:  Intensive Cell Regenerator should be applied 3-4 times a day just after Active Vitamin C-25% In Powder. 

Highly concentrated algae extract (Laminaria Digitata), complex of concentrated extracts from: Centella Asiatica (Hydrocotyl, dosed with asiaticosides and madecassoides), Ginkgo Biloba (dosed with heterosides and ginkolides), Gentiane, Ginseng (dosed with saponosides and ginsenosides), tensor agents complex of marine and vegetable origin, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

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