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Body cleansing support

The product, based on natural ingredients known for their detoxifying properties, helps to cleanse all vital organs and contains, among others, lemon and papaya fruit extracts, pumpkin seed extract and linseed extract which provide elements with anti-oxidant properties and enzymes which support digestion of proteins and fats. They are a natural source of fibre, mineral components, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

AZ Detox 24H removes from the organism excess fluids with accumulated toxins, eliminates swelling and accelerates metabolism. In just 24 hours it can make you lose from 1 up to 2.5 kg.

ONE SACHET (24 g) CONTAINS: 14,08 g mixture of plant extracts and 0,075 g of magnesium (as magnesium sulfate):
Lemon extracts: contain flavonoids which have antioxidant properties.
Papaya extract: contains: papain – an enzyme improving protein and fat metabolism; carotenoids like lycopene and betacaroten which greatly protect from free radicals.
Pumpkin seed extract: is a natural source of cellulose, mineral elements and vitamins (iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamins B, A and C), unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols which improve functioning of intestines.
Powdered apple cider contains pectin and mineral elements.

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The dietary supplement AZ Detox 24h can be used alone for supporting body cleansing (eg. in the spring, after antibiotic therapy or overeating), or as an important element of intensive slimming, firming or purifying André Zagozda Laboratory treatments. The contents of each sachet should be mixed with boiled, warm water (min. 200ml) and immediately drink.

  8:00 – one sachet I AZ Detox 24h
10:00 – one sachet II AZ Detox 24h
12:00 – a glass of pre-boiled lukewarm water
20:00 – one sachet III AZ Detox 24h
22:00 – one sachet IV AZ Detox 24h

On the Detox day it is recommended not to take any food and not to drink any cold liquids. It is advised to drink warm, boiled water

On the next day you may experience more frequent visits in the restroom, that is why AZ Detox usage is recommended on weekends

AZ Detox 24h can be repeated four times a year

If you use AZ Detox 24h for detox only, not as a part of the AZ Slimming Treatment: switch to light, preferably vegetarian diet for at least 3-7 days afterwards and drink lots of mineral water (min. 3L a day). We recommend eating fermented food (sauerkraut or cucumbers) or drinking juices from them. Avoid alcohol, sweets and bread

Lemon extract (Fructus Citris Limonum), papaya extract (Fructus Carica Papaya), pumpkin seed extract (Semen Cucurbita Pepo), apple cider vinegar powder (Vinegar Malum), xylitol (E 967 – sweetener), maltitol (E 965 – sweetener), epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), citric acid (E 330 – acidity regulator), wheat germ extract (Triticum Sativum), natural lemon flavor, aloe powder (Aloe Ferox), rhubarb extract (Rheum Palmatum), carrot root extract (Daucus Carota), oat seed extract (Avena Sativa), silica dioxyde (E 551–anti–lumpy agent), sweet potato extract (Ipomoea Batatas), chickpea extract (Pisum Sativum).

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