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A super-rich firming cream with a globally unique SEA PLASMA® component, marine collagen, elastin, DNA, vitamins F, A, D, E and botanical oils

A shaping, quickly absorbing cream brimming with actives that stimulate cellular rejuvenation  regeneration and revitalisation. They accelerate the synthesis of main skin proteins like collagen and elastin, provide in-depth hydration, nutrition and mineralisation contributing to the significant skin condition improvement. Such intensive care strengthens the skin and let it stay firm during slimming cure, be more resistant to stretch-marks during pregnancy or to external stress factors and dryness.

  • Stimulates cellular rejuvenation, regeneration and revitalisation
  • Accelerate the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Provides in-depth hydration, nutrition and skin mineralisation
  • Helps to significantly improve the skin condition and shape your figure
  • Prevents the development of stretch marks during pregnancy


e  200 ml -  6,8 ml   Poids net – Net weight  189 g

Data sheet

Skin type
Combination, Dry & sensitive, Breakout
Skin concern and needs
Lack of firmness, Soothing & regeneration

After a bath or shower rinse the body (foremost the bust) with generous quantity of cold water. Than apply the cream in circular massaging motions starting from the lower body parts upwards till fully absorbed. To maximize the effects: add to the cream 2-3 doses of Firming Essential Oil Complex, on specific body parts (bustforearms or stomach) additionally apply the cream mixed with Active Vitamin C-25% In Powder and make whole body peeling using Body Algopeel twice a week. 

For beautiful and firm bust:

- wear well fitted bra

- avoid violent efforts or sports without wearing a suitable bra

- avoid quick weight increase / loss

- avoid too warm baths

- after each bath rinse the whole body (foremost the bust) with cold water

- regularly use deep hydrating, nourishing and firming products 

- make whole body peeling twice a week 

highly concentrated extract of Laminar Algae (SEA PLASMA®), natural firming substances, Collagen, DNA, Elastin, Vitamins   F, A, D i E, oily Calendula extract, Corn Germ oil.

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