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An oceanic bath - a true source of biological regeneration and intensive detoxification

The bath reconstructs the natural marine environment through all biological actives contained, foremost the highly concentrated algae extract of Laminaria Digitata (SEA PLASMA®)** combined with micronized powder of the same algae species. The high concentration of easily absorbable micro and macro elements (with most important iodine), vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and other organic compounds, enhanced by their perfect harmony, make this bath a true source of biological regeneration and intensive detoxification. A single 25 min bath can remove up to 0.6 kg excess fluids retained in the body with accumulated toxins. The bath acts to hydrate*, nourish and mineralise the skin, leaving the sensation of lightness, relaxation and an energy boost. The bath is specifically recommended during convalescence, after diseases, antibiotic treatments, for spring body cleansing or to accelerate organism detoxification after abusing alcohol. It reduces swellings and oedemas, contributing to faster recovery after intensive sport activities and from mechanical injuries like sprained or broken limbs, strained muscle or tendon etc. Due to its metabolism highly stimulating properties and grate natural iodine content, the bath plays an important role in slimming treatments too.  

  • It offers biological regeneration and intensive detoxification
  • Acts to hydrate*, nourish and mineralise the skin
  • Helps to quickly reduce swelling and oedema
  • Contributes to faster recovery after intensive sport activities and mechanical injuries
  • Effectively promotes and accelerates slimming therapies


e 400 ml – 13,4 Fl. Oz.  - Poids net – Net weight 452

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Woman, Man

Algae Bath is not designed for cleaning, but rather for an intensive balneotherapy, so before the treatment take a shower and for optimal effect perform a whole body peeling. Shake the bottle well before use to homogenize the product. Pour ca. 50-60 ml (2 measures) to the bath tub with warm water (36-38°C). After showering and peeling the whole body, submerge fully up to the neck and relax in the bath for 20-25 minutes. Then, without rinsing or drying the body, apply the Perfect Body Emulsion for deep skin moisturising and nourishing. For optimal effect, add to the emulsion 7-10 drops of Silhouette or Firming Essential Oil Complex. Than put a cotton bathrobe on and rest for 10 minutes. The bath is suitable for balneotherapy equipment (generating air bubbles).

The bath is not recommended for persons allergic to natural iodine or shellfish. Patients suffering from thyroid problems should consult their doctor first.

Highly concentrated extract of laminar algae (Laminaria Digitata), micronized powder of laminar algae (Laminaria Digitata).
* Upper layers of the epidermis.
** the rate of algae content in the formula expressed as the amount of fresh algae is 200%