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A true time-stopper – the most highly concentrated pure active vitamin C 

This most powerful antioxidant effectively fights free radicals responsible of premature ageing and strongly stimulates the skin’s regenerative, repairing and vitalizing processes. Due to its amazing features and abilities is recommended for every skin type. 

  • slows down the ageing processes and improves skin tonicity
  • activates the synthesis of collagen II and V which helps to reduce wrinkles
  • protects the skin against pigmentation and brightens the existing one
  • helps to improve the skin cells oxygenation and nourishment
  • strengthens the mechanical resistance of capillary walls, which helps to fight against bags and dark circles under the eyes
  • accelerates the skin repairing processes (after cuts, abrasions, acne skin imperfections, herpes simplex or after insect bites)
  • due to its own features and special factors included in the product it helps to protect the skin against UVA, UVB and IR rays



Poids net – Net weight 2 g

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Woman, Man
Skin type
Mature, Combination, Young, Normal, Dry, Dry & sensitive, Oily, Breakout
Skin concern and needs
Lack of firmness, Intense anti-ageing, Dark spots & hyperpigmentation, Skin lightenning, Dehydrated skin, Dull & tired skin, Acne & breakouts, Eye bags & dark circles

Mix the powder with a suitable AZ cream in a proportion of 1 part powder and 3 parts cream (vitamin C can penetrate the skin only in the presence of sodium ions, which are present in every AZ cream thanks to its SEA PLASMA® ingredient - a rich ion medium. Otherwise it will remain only in the epidermis). For brightening effects mix the powder with ALG Peeling Mask and apply for 15 min. or with Whitening Serum. 

To accelerate the skin repairing process, apply the powder straight on the skin, massage gently and follow by the application of Intensive Cell Regenerator.