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Lifting and wrinkles reduction – a 15 minutes SPA quality treatment for the face, neck and hands – maximum results with minimal effort and time

A luxurious mask, that provides an express, high quality anti-ageing treatment and antioxidant protection. Its rich formula (with marine collagen among others) offers an instant lifting, visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to restore the skin’s resiliency and elasticity. It also nourishes, detoxifies, hydrates and brightens the skin leaving it relaxed and radiant. The mask is indispensable for active people, who always need to look perfectly, as helps the skin to appear rested during a long activity and quickly eliminate signs of tiredness after it is over. This action is possible due to the powerful blend of active ingredients, which makes the skin more resistant to external agressors and ageing.

  • redefines facial contours, restores the skin’s texture and resiliency 
  • reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
  • brightens the skin and lightens up discolorations 
  •  smoothes the skin leaving it velvety soft
  • purifies and detoxifies, protecting the skin against premature ageing
  • protects the skin against free radicals and external aggressors

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Woman, Man
Skin type
Mature, Combination, Dry, Dry & sensitive
Skin concern and needs
Lack of firmness, Intense anti-ageing, Soothing & regeneration, Dehydrated skin, Dull & tired skin

Apply 1-2 times a week and always when you wish to look exceptionally well and keep the brightness for many hours, or when you need to quickly eliminate signs of tiredness and restore the skin’s proper hydro-balance and radiance after a long activity.

After deep cleansing* and peeling with Algae Face Peeling apply 7-10 drops of Intensive Essential Oil Complex and perform a short, gentle massage. Unfold the mask and apply on the face and neck. Press the mask to the skin and take off the foil starting from the forehead. Ensure that the whole soft cloth firmly clings to the skin. Massage the product left on the foil into the tops of hands (you can cut the foil into two parts and wrap the hands). Leave the mask for 15 min.
Then on a still wet skin apply your AZ cream mixed with Active Vitamin C-25% in powder and massage till all the products are completely absorbed (AZ creams include sodium ions enabling the vitamin C to penetrate the skin into deeper layers to stimulate its regeneration).
* For deep cleansing and simultaneous intensive care we recommend AZ algae products.

Marine Collagen, Beech Tree Bark extract, Cucumber extract, Bearberry Leaf extract, Mitracarpus Scaber extract.

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